Arma 3 Milsim (2019) – How We Thwarted the Enemy’s Dam Plot – PSO Multiplayer Gameplay – Ep 2

Another Arma 3 gameplay episode as we showcase Arma 3 milsim action with PSO as we take part in an arma 3 multiplayer arma mission. In the previous episode, our arma 3 milsim unit took part in a foot patrol to clear out enemies near our position. Now our arma 3 deployment and arma 3 mission as we have gotten intel on an attack on a dam near our location. So our arma 3 milsim operation has changed to ensure that we prevent that dam from being destroyed at all costs. To prevent the dam attack in this arma 3 pmc campaign our arma 3 realism unit will have to rush to the location as Dan who is in our ARma 3 Zeus have set a time limit to complete our objective before the dam is destroyed. It’s an arma 3 realism operation like this that really showcases we arma roleplay, especially arma 3 military roleplay can be a blast Enjoy this arma 3 realism operation which shows was some good arma 3 mods and imagination can to prove that arma milsim is and milsim arma 3 lets arma III be the premiere in milsim games. Sub for more on the War is Hell channel by my Snackbar as we have more arma 3 2019 content and into the future with Arma 4 and more.

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