Arma 3 Milsim (2019) – What We Found on our Foot Patrol? – PSO Multiplayer Gameplay – Ep 1

Arma 3 Milsim and Arma 3 gameplay is coming your way in this next episode or our Arma 3 deployment with PSO. This Arma 3 mission in Arma 3 multiplayer requires us to go on a foot patrol around our base in hopes of finding the enemy compound that the enemy is staging their attacks from. There will be a lot in this arma mission that we’ll cut through to make sure you guys see the most important stuff of this arma 3 milsim operation with our community’s arma 3 milsim unit and arma 3 pmc campaign. What makes this and other ops fun is when we try to take part in some arma 3 realism unit operation. Using some of the top arma 3 mods we take part in some arma 3 roleplay, particularly some arma 3 military roleplay. It shows that taking part in an arma 3 realism unit can showcase while milsim arma 3 is some of the best content you’ll find in milsim games. So enjoy this episode of arma III and arma milsim from me Snackbar with Dan of Wales in Arma 3 Zeus on the War is Hell channel. Sub for more Arma 3 2019 action as we get ready for arma 4 in the future.

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